Rural crackdown on drivers who flout the law

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Rural crackdown on drivers who flout the law

An operation to tackle speeding motorists and lorry drivers who break weight restrictions has been carried out in a number of Northamptonshire villages.

The operation on Wednesday was held as part of the Rural Action campaign, which was launched last year by Northamptonshire Police and the county s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Since the campaign’s launch, the force and the PCC s office has spoken to hundreds of rural resident to understand their main concerns about policing.

As a result, a new focus is now being placed on issues such as bad parking, weight limits and speeding in rural areas.

Kathryn Buckle, assistant chief executive at the PCC’s office, told Connect FM: “There are three strands to Rural Action, making our roads safer, making our streets safer and making our countryside safer.

“Part of that work is done through Roadwatch, which encourages villages to set up schemes in their area so they can better police speeding, weight restrictions and bad parking.

“We’re also encouraging villages to secure their own Parish Special Constable, which is a village police officer who is based in that village and is only deployed there, to police the matters that concern the local community.”

The operations carried out this week saw one person caught speeding in Preston Capes, two in Long Buckby and two in Overstone.

A further car was taken off the road in Overstone because it was not taxed and a number of further offences were recorded in the Byfield and Nobottle areas.

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