Big rise in social media complaints to police

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Big rise in social media complaints to police

New figures show there’s been a big rise in the number of people complaining to police about social media in the Connect FM area.

Northamptonshire Police said 651 crime reports mentioned Facebook or Twitter in 2014, up from 470 in 2013 and 386 in 2012.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary said 43 crime reports mentioned Facebook in 2014, compared with 36 in 2013 and 55 in 2012. Four crime reports mentioned Twitter last year, compared with four in 2013 and three in 2012.

The forces are among 38 in the UK to tell the Press Association they saw an increase in reported crimes related to Facebook.

PA asked every police force in the UK how many offences they had recorded in the last three years where Facebook or Twitter was a key factor.

Most forces reported a rise in the number of crime reports where the sites appeared, although many pointed out that their figures did not always mean social media was used as a “tool” to commit an offence.

For example, a person might have been viewing Facebook when their mobile phone was stolen or initial contact between an attacker and a victim may have been on social media.

The forces used different methods to compile the statistics meaning responses may not be directly comparable.

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