Karoly Inquest verdict: Unlawful killing

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Karoly Inquest verdict: Unlawful killing

An inquest has ruled Wellingborough pensioner, Karoly Varga, was  unlawfully killed.

The 76 year old had been repeatedly attacked with an axe or hatchet.

No-one’s been convicted and the murder weapon hasn’t been found.

The body of Mr Varga, known locally as  Charlie , was found at his home address in Cannon Street, Wellingborough on Saturday, 30 July 2011.Investigators soon revealed that he had in fact been murdered

The inquest, resumed by Senior Coroner Anne Pember, held at Kettering Magistrates Court, heard evidence from Professor Guy Rutty, Chief Forensic Pathologist, from Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Professor Rutty, who had conducted the autopsy examination, concluded that Mr Varga had died as a result of being struck to the back of his head and neck with a small axe, hatchet, cleaver or similar object.

He stated the victim had been struck 14 times and that he had not died instantly. He had no defence injuries.

Mrs Pember read out evidence from forensic scientist, David Jarrat-Knock, who examined a bloody shoe impression from the scene of the murder. He said:  In my view the examined impressions from Cannon Street& & it is likely from a Lonsdale type of shoe.

The court also heard evidence from Elemer Patakfalvi, the man who was arrested and charged with murder in 2011, but later acquitted when the case against him was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Rita Groves, Charlie s daughter, was given the opportunity to ask Mr Patakfalvi questions about his relationship with her father and other evidence relating to the murder.

She questioned Mr Patakfalvi about the accounts he had given the police and evidence that had been collected in the case.

Mrs Pember, on several occasions, reminded him that he did not have to answer any questions, whose answer may incriminate him.

Rita asked him if he could explain why police had found his fingerprint on the door handle of the locked back door of the house.

He said:  I was told the fingerprint was on the outside. I would like to stop the questions now.

He was asked about some Lonsdale trainers that he owned and whether he could say where they were and if he had thrown them away. He answered:  I never throw shoes away. The police took all the shoes.

Towards the end of the inquest, Rita asked:  Did you kill my father?

He answered:  I have never done anything like that.

She also asked about a letter that he had wanted help translating. She asked: This letter that you never showed my father, can you explain why it has my father s blood on it?

He answered:  I don t know.

During the inquest Mr Patakfalvi said:  All I can say is I never hurt him.

Concluding the inquest Mrs Pember, said: “This was the tragic death of Karloy Varga who was viciously murdered in his own home.

Speaking outside the court, Rita read out a statement: “It has been a long and difficult process for our family.

“Today I have been able to come along and ask questions about our father who was brutally murdered on July 27, 2011, by someone he let into his home.

“Elemer Patakfalvi was arrested on suspicion of murder for a short time but then freed and as such he remains innocent until proven guilty.

“We remain grateful to the Police for their support.”

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Kinchin from Northamptonshire Police told Connect FM: “There could only be one verdict which was that of an unlawful killing.

“Today was about Mr Varga’s family and allowing them the opportunity to ask questions of the witnesses. Questions that may have been troubling them for the past four years.

“ This is very much still a live investigation and Mr Patakfalvi remains a witness.

 “We will be pursuing a number of lines of enquiry until we can bring the person responsible for Karoly s murder to justice.”

Four years on from the murder a £10,000 reward for information leading to a successful conviction remains on offer.

Officers have continued searching for several key missing items including the hatchet-like murder weapon, the victim s back door keys and the clothes and Lonsdale trainers (pictured) the offender wore.

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