Boy served with new antisocial behaviour order

Connect FM
Boy served with new antisocial behaviour order

Cambridgeshire Police say they’ve used new powers to fight antisocial behaviour in Huntingdonshire for the first time.

A 14 year-old boy, who’s known to intimidate people in the area, has been issued a CBO, or criminal behavioural order.

It bans him from any anti-social behaviour for three years.

Most of the offences have occurred in, or close to, St Peters School and Huntingdon Regional College.

PCSO Clare Darbyshire told Connect FM: “His behaviour has had a significant impact on the community over a long period of time. His actions have included intimidation and making others fearful of going out in the area.

“I hope this sends out a strong message that we will not tolerate such behaviour in Huntingdonshire.”

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