Shock survey over drivers’ penalty points

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Shock survey over drivers' penalty points

It’s emerged there are almost 150 drivers on the road in Peterborough with more than 12 penalty points on their licence.

That should mean they’re disqualified, although courts have discretion as to who they ban.

Across Britain, there are more than six and a half thousand – the vast majority men.

People between the ages of 26 and 35 were the most likely to still be driving with 12 points.
The Top 10 according to a Freedom of Informition request by the Co-operative Insurance to the DVLA are ranked below:

1. Nottingham 180
2. Doncaster 174
3. Cardiff 173
4. Birmingham 169
5. Sheffield 156
6. Newcastle upon Tyne 145
7. Peterborough 144
8. Manchester 137
9. Norwich 136
10. Swansea 127

There are more men than women currently driving with over 12 penalty points,
with 84 percent being male and 16 percent female.

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