Can motorists ‘enjoy’ roadworks?

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Can motorists 'enjoy' roadworks?

The answer, it appears is…..possibly.

Highways England is trialling new jaunty signs on the M1 through Northamptonshire.

The government body says it’s taking a new approach to the way it sets out its road­works to make them clearer and sim­pler for peo­ple to drive through.

Officials say it’ll give peo­ple bet­ter infor­ma­tion about why the road­works are there and the tem­po­rary sig­nage will be a lot clearer, so dri­vers will be less likely to make mis­takes, result­ing in a safer envi­ron­ment for all.

The new approach includes:

  • enhanced road­side infor­ma­tion includ­ing more real time jour­ney infor­ma­tion both ahead of and within the roadworks
  • ensur­ing sig­nage is easy to dis­tin­guish from sig­nage aimed at road workers
  • clearer sig­nage which is eas­ier to read and process while on the move, and which uses more images, to make dri­ving through road­works as sim­ple as possible
  • cre­at­ing a con­sis­tent look and feel to road­works, and mak­ing them more intuitive

There are four pilot schemes, cho­sen from a cross-section of dif­fer­ent types of road­works (both long-term and short-term), spread across England.

  • M1  cor­ri­dor on 5 sets of exist­ing road­works between junc­tions 15 (Northamp­ton­shire) and 42 (York­shire), span­ning over 100 miles
  • Junc­tion 32  42
  • Junc­tions 31  28 and 19  15
  • A21 Ton­bridge to Pem­bury, a 2.5 mile stretch of sin­gle land trunk road being upgraded to a dual car­riage­way
  • A40 Glouces­ter­shire, a 1.3 mile stretch of works for the Wal­ham Viaduct improve­ments
  • M3  cor­ri­dor encom­pass­ing two sets of road­works, the junc­tion 2 to 4a Smart Motor­ways Pro­gramme,

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