Drugs deaths investigation continues

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Drugs deaths investigation continues

Police in Northamptonshire are urging drug users to be vigilant about what they`re taking afte the deaths of two men in Kettering.

The first involved a 46-year-old man who died on Sunday after being found at an address in Stamford Road.

The second man-aged 33- was found collapsed at the Earl of Dalkeith pub on Dalkeith Place on Thursday.

Investigations into what caused the deaths of the men are still taking place, although both were known to be regular drug users.

Detective Chief Inspector Elliot Foskett, from CID, told Connect FM: “We are still awaiting toxicology results so are unable to confirm if the men had taken drugs and what substances they had taken if they did.

“However, we are urging those who regularly use drugs in Northamptonshire to be extra vigilant about what they are taking following the deaths and to seek medical help as soon as possible should they need it.”

Anyone who does regularly use drugs and would like to seek help or advice is asked to contact Substance 2 Solutions, on (01604) 211304.

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