Parents pay to move to better catchment areas

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Parents pay to move to better catchment areas

It’s claimed many families in the Connect FM area have moved home to be within their desired school catchment area.

A poll found nearly a third of parents settled in an area they didn’t like – just for the sake of getting their kids into a good school.

The survey was carried out by Santander.

In the East Midlands the number of mums and dads who moved home is 24%. In Peterborough and the East of England it’s 14%.

Below is the proportion of parents with children aged four to 18 who have moved home to secure an address in their preferred school catchment area;

North East 46%
London 46%
South East 29%
Yorkshire and Humber 25%
North West 24%
East Midlands 24%
West Midlands 22%
South West 16%
Scotland 14%
Wales 11%
East of England 14%

Average property premiums;

North East £21,086
Scotland £37,996
East Midlands £24,209
South West £22,506
East of England £33,242
London £77,113
South East £20,846
Wales £17,555
North West £16,612
West Midlands £17,277
Yorkshire and Humber £9,557

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