Rachel Platten…How her hit “Fight Song” got it’s name

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Rachel Platten...How her hit "Fight Song" got it's name

When Rachel Platten was writing “Fight Song” she was turning 34 and giving up, not on the music career but making more than $20 a night with her songs. She has said the song sums up her feelings at the time, from being dejected, to hopeful and it being one of the first songs she wrote using her honesty.

Fight Song was released in the summer of 2014, where it didn’t get too much attention. It wasn’t until recently, when Rachel was invited on stage that it became the hit we hear today!

The message of the Fight song is one of hope, which is made obvious from one of Rachel’s tweets earlier this year in April “Never give up on yourself. Never. No matter what anyone else says, it only matters what you believe.”




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