Police warn about cold calling scam

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Police warn about cold calling scam
Police in Northamptonshire are reminding people not to hand over any personal details to cold callers.
It’s following the discovery of a new phone scam  involving a woman claiming to be from their crime prevention team.
She calls victims offering to install CCTV cameras and asks for personal details such as their name, their address and when they are usually at home.

Paul Golley, Prevention Team Leader at Northamptonshire Police, said:  “We will never phone someone and ask for those details and the crime prevention team do not make speculative phone calls such as this.

”Our advice is to never give any personal details to someone who has phoned you without checking who they are first. Any genuine caller will be happy for you to hang up and call them back on a phone number you already have. Never call someone back on a phone number they have given you.”

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