Police officer sacked for gross misconduct

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Police officer sacked for gross misconduct

A Northamptonshire Police officer has been dismissed from the force having been found guilty of gross misconduct.

Karen Clarke, aged 49, based in Kettering, appeared before a panel at a public disciplinary hearing yesterday (Wednesday, 30 September).

At the end of the one day hearing, the panel, made up of Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Swann, Superintendent Chris Hillery and independent member Jim Maund, found Karen Clarke had breached the standards of professional behaviour.

The following allegations were found proven:

”     The officer failed to take adequate steps in providing intelligence relating to a prolific offender who was in a relationship with her daughter
”     Following a police incident involving her son, she took a call from him, during which she suggested a possible explanation he could use, knowing it to be false. In a subsequent conversation with her sergeant in connection with the same incident, she failed to be open and honest about her conversation with her son. She later deleted messages from her phone in efforts to frustrate police investigation into her son.

The following allegation was found not proven:

”     The officer behaved inappropriately while on duty, and in full uniform, when dealing with a matter involving her son

On the balance of evidence, the panel ruled that the two matters that were found proven were a breach of honesty and integrity, discreditable conduct and duties and responsibilities, and amounted to gross misconduct.

The sanctioned issued to Karen Clarke was dismissal without notice.

The officer has ten working days to issue an appeal in writing if she wishes.

In issuing the sanction, the chair told Connect FM: “It is vitally important that public trust and confidence is maintained in the police.”

Chief Inspector Mark Taylor, from the Professional Standards Department, told Connect FM: “We expect the highest standards from our officers. On very rare occasions the actions of an officer may fall below those standards.

“In this case, the panel, having heard the evidence, felt the actions of Karen Clarke, were below what would be expected. As such, she was dismissed without notice.”

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