Historic monuments added to At Risk list

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Historic monuments added to At Risk list

The remains of a Northamptonshire building that played a key role in the first world war has been added to the Historic England At Risk register.

The National Filling Factory was built as a munitions factory near the M40 in 1916 to fill shells with high explosive and by 1918 converted to produce poison gas.

The site is now overgrown and the structures are in danger of collapse.

Historic England’s Northamptonshire Highlights:

Hidden in bushes to the side of the M40 are the remains of the National Filling Factory no. 9. Built in 1916 to fill shells with high explosive and by 1918 converted to produce poison gas, the site is now at risk. The remains of the Banbury Filling Factory, a very rare survivor of its type, are a scheduled monument, but the site is now overgrown and the structures are in danger of collapse. This filling factory was one of the first rapidly purpose-built factories intended to greatly increase the supply of artillery shells to the fighting fronts. Around 1500 local people, a third of them women, were employed in this dangerous work. Exposure to chemicals coloured their skin and they came to be known locally as  canaries.

Historic England grant-aided repairs have been completed at Delapre Abbey, paving the way for a Heritage Lottery Fund-backed project to refurbish the grade II* listed building as a premier heritage and leisure attraction for Northampton. The repairs concentrated on urgently necessary works to the roofs, which were necessary to ensure that the building was weatherproof and ensured that ongoing repairs to the rooms below are protected.

Fawsley Well House is a charming grade II* listed building, which had become dilapidated, drastically overgrown and was in danger of being lost. It was built in the early 16th century to supply Fawsley Hall from a well which never runs dry. The Well House was repaired with grant aid from Natural England and has been removed from the Heritage at Risk Register this year.

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The conservation area in Whittlesey has been added to the At Risk register.

Historic England says it`ll work together with the local authority to address problems like vacant and deteriorating buildings there.

Histioric Eng;land’s Cambridgeshire Highlights:

5 sites have been added to the register this year including four Fenland Conservation Areas  Chatteris, March, Whittlesey, Bowthorpe. Over the coming year, Historic England will be working with local authorities to address common problems such as vacant and deteriorating buildings which are blighting the conservation areas.

A site removed from the register in Cambridgeshire is grade I medieval Dovecote to St John s Farm in Ely following an Historic England grant of £109,000 towards a new timber-framed roof.

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(Image: National Filling Factory, Historic England)

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