Girl with rare disease benefits from fundraiser

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Girl with rare disease benefits from fundraiser

Funds raised at the event at the Dogsthorpe depot in July have been awarded to three charitable causes by the  station`s Sports and Social Club which ran the event.

Whittlesey resident Effie Hadman captured the hearts of firefighters after they heard about her battle with Late Infantile Batten Disease, which is a rare fatal neurodegenerative disease that affects young children.

Last week the committee from the fire station event arrived at Effie’s home with a special trolley designed to hold a supportive chair for Effie, enabling her family to move her around the house much easier.

Firefighter Phil Gould explained: “Effie and her family have been through a lot and they really are heroes with the daily battle they have to face to make Effie’s life the best it can be. We’re really pleased we could make this donation to help improve things just a little bit and we hope everyone who supported the event in the summer agrees this little girl is an inspiration and very worthy of our support.”

Carly Hadman, Effie’s mum, added: “Effie lost her ability to sit up last Christmas and she has an adapted bean-bag type of chair for her to sit on which holds her head up for her. The trolley the firefighters have bought for her holds the bean bag inside it and enables Effie to be wheeled around the house and means we don’t have to lift her all the time, which is nicer on her body and will make it easier.

“We’re really grateful for everyone’s support so thank you.”

The trolley and additional harness purchased by the firefighters cost just under £600.

A donation of just under £600 has also been made to The Fire Fighter’s Charity and £90 has been donated to Smokey Paws charity, which buys oxygen masks for animals that can be stored on fire engines in case fire crews are called to incidents involving animals.


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