Winter road safety campaign launched

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Winter road safety campaign launched

Cambridgeshire Police are urging cyclists and pedestrians to “be safe, be seen” as part of a campaign to improve safety on the roads.

The campaign urges the use of high visibility clothing and for cyclists to use lights on their bike to help avoid being involved in a collision. It is an offence to ride a bike in dark conditions without using lights.

Police say following the road safety rules below can significantly reduce the risk of being involved in a collision:

  • Wear bright clothing, preferably high-visibility, to ensure that you can be seen
  • Make sure you have lights on the front and rear of your bike – it is illegal to ride in the dark without them
  • Stay alert and aware of what is going on around you
  • Always wear a cycle helmet; it could save your life
  • Obey the Highway Code
  • When walking on a carriageway, always face oncoming traffic

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