Yobs attack fire crew

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Yobs attack fire crew

Firefighters have been attacked while responding to a 999 emergency.

A crew from Peterborough’s Dogsthorpe Fire Station was extinguishing a bonfire in Paston Ridings, opposite Sheepwalk, when the incident happened last night (November 5) between 7.30pm and 7.50pm.

The crew had almost finished putting its equipment back on the fire engine when the driver reported to his colleagues a lump of concrete being thrown at the vehicle and smashing one of the windows. Luckily the safety glass on the fire engine did its job and stopped a sizeable chunk of concrete coming through and seriously injuring the driver. Immediately after this, another member of the crew was struck on the foot by a stone.

Station Commander Lynn Betteridge said: “This is a despicable act. Our firefighters protect their communities and put their lives on the line every day to save and help others and treatment like this, although extremely rare in Cambridgeshire, is unacceptable.

“All of our fire engines have CCTV so we will now be working with police to review any footage and hopefully catch whoever is responsible for causing this damage to our property and distress to our staff, who luckily, on this occasion have not been injured as a result of the attack.

“If anyone knows anything about this incident or knows who is responsible, please can they contact police on 101. We cannot let people get away with treating our emergency services with such disrespect.”


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