Police focus on domestic violence

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Police focus on domestic violence

Cambridgeshire Police are encouraging people to Break the Cycle of domestic abuse and Take the First Step towards receiving help and support, in the second week of its month-long Domestic Abuse awareness campaign.

Targetting both those experiencing domestic abuse and perpetrators, it will also aim to encourage third party reporting: evidence of this nature now plays a major part in the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision making process for prosecutions.

Detective Inspector Chris O’Brien, told Connect FM: “Cambridgeshire Constabulary, in conjunction with partner agencies, is absolutely committed to tackling domestic abuse and providing support to victims and perpetrators.

“The second week of our campaign urges both those experiencing domestic abuse and those who witness abuse, or believe it be happening, to report it.

“Early reporting and fully engaging with police and partner agencies play key roles in securing positive outcomes. We are three times more likely to achieve a positive crime outcome with a fully-supportive victim than without one. I understand that the decision to fully engage can sometimes be a very difficult decision, but we can provide people with a range of support to assist them.

“Third party evidence is also extremely important, so if you genuinely suspect someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, please report it immediately.

“Finally, if you are an abuser, then break the cycle. Take the first step and stop abusing, today.

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