The Must-Have Christmas Toys of 2015

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The Must-Have Christmas Toys of 2015

The sound of jingle bells are getting closer and closer as each day goes by and the must-have Christmas toys of this year have been revealed, the elves really have been busy! Our Top 4 seems like a blast from the past, and a little Blue Peter in places, but these are the gifts that Santa will be asked for this year!

The first toy on the list gained popularity this year when a video went viral of a Granddad and a Grandson playing this game. It is the Pie Face Game, you spray whipped cream onto a sponge and load it onto the pie arm, after that you place your face in the hole. The aim of the game is to score points so you don’t get a face full of whipped cream, but if we’re honest… its a matter of time before it happens.

Of course Star Wars going to make an appearance on this list with the latest and long awaiting instalment of Star Wars being released over the holiday season. This is the ultimate Star Wars toy… THE MILLENNIUMĀ FALCON. You could buy this for a child or yourself if you always wanted one as a child.

Frozen still will not let go of the Christmas toy top spot. If your child has always wanted to sing with Elsa this toy is perfect. The magical microphone can detect who is singing, and Elsa will start singing as soon as the microphone is in front of her, but if it isn’t she’ll just play the music so the child can go solo! Sing-A-Long, a gift any Frozen fan will love!

Thunderbirds are go…again! This is an interactive version of Tracey Island and it could sell out just like the original did in the 90s! This one is loaded with smart technology, it can tell which vehicle is launching, has over 40 sounds and a wearable communicator. Although, be warned, as its 2015 the action figures and rescue vehicles are not included with the island.


So which one is on your list?


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