Abellio: Poor conditions damage train wheels

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Abellio: Poor conditions damage train wheels

There`s bad news for train commuters between Peterborough and Ipswich this week.

Abellio Greater Anglia says it’s had to cancel all services through Ely to fix the trains due to poor rail conditions damaging the wheels.

Passengers are being advised to use different services to connect with CrossCountry services which could add up to an hour to journey times.

Below ios the statement fomr Abellio:

“We apologise for the ongoing impact of train service cancellations affecting some of our local routes and for the inconvenience this is continuing to cause our customers.

“The problems are due to some of our diesel trains suffering wheel damage, as a result of poor rail conditions.

“This situation leads to excessive wear on the wheels which must be repaired before the trains can re-enter service.

“On average we are continuing to see two trains arrive back at the end of each day with wheel damage, more than double the rate we have experienced in previous autumn periods.

“This means that trains are having to be taken out of service for repair at a more frequent rate than previously experienced.

“We are doing everything possible to repair the trains affected as fast as we can (including sending trains to other locations with spare capacity for wheel repairs – to speed up the process of returning trains back into service – and seeking to hire additional trains temporarily, though other train operators are suffering similar problems, so we have not yet succeeded) and we are working with Network Rail to try and improve rail conditions to prevent further damage.

“We hope to be able to eliminate these cancellations and restore the normal service as quickly as possible, however where we continue to see poor rail conditions, necessitating the need to continually carry-out repairs to the trains incurring damage, the situation remains a challenging one.

“In the meantime, we are seeking to minimise the impact of the disruption by providing bus replacement and other alternative services wherever practical to cover for the cancelled train services.”

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