Police and retailers team up to tackle shoplifters

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Police and retailers team up to tackle shoplifters

Shopkeepers and businesses in Wellingborough have teamed up with Northamptonshire Police to try and tackle shoplifters in the town.

Following the success of the Northampton Retail Crime Initiative (NRCI), a similar group has been set up in Wellingborough to identify shoplifters and prevent their activities.

The partnership will see the police share information with retailers and CCTV operators.

Retailers will have access to an on-line intelligence system, which is also used by shopkeepers in Northampton, so they can view photos of convicted shoplifters operating in the county and share information with each other to prevent and detect crime.

They will also have access to a radio system to communicate both with each other and CCTV operatives about the activities of shoplifters in the area.

The WRCI will be able to issue exclusion notices to repeat shoplifters or those who are aggressive or violent, to ban them from entering any participating stores.

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