PC to appear on gross misconduct charges

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PC to appear on gross misconduct charges

Northamptonshire Police are to hold another disciplinary hearing at Force Headquarters in public today.

PC Greg Taylor is accused of Gross Misconduct after allegedly lying about the discharge of a spray cannister at a police station.

The alleged breaches include:

a)    Honesty and integrity
b)    Discreditable conduct
c)    Orders and Instructions
d)    Duties and Responsibilities
e)    Use of Force

The allegations are as follows:

While on duty at a police station, it is alleged that PC Taylor s conduct breached the standards of professional behaviour in relation to an incident involving the mishandling and discharge of PAVA spray and a subsequent report in relation to issuing a replacement canister.

The alleged conduct amounts to gross misconduct for the following reasons;

a)    The officer allegedly made a misleading and/or false record about the condition of the PAVA canister in order to avoid criticism for the unauthorised discharge of PAVA in the police station.

b)    The officer was at the time of the incident in the role of supervisor and responsible for setting standards for other officers.

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