NHS trial to be rolled out nationwide

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NHS trial to be rolled out nationwide

A key NHS programme piloted across Northamptonshire has been  heralded as  national shining examples of how research should be put into practice in frontline health services.

The IMPAKT (IMproving Patient care and Awareness of Kidney disease progression Together) programme has been included in the National Institute for Health Research s (NIHR) World Class Research Making a Difference report, which is due to be sent to the Department of Health.

The publication highlights the work of NIHR s regional partnerships known as CLAHRCs (Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care).

These organisations are collaborations of regional health services, universities and industry which turn research into cost-saving and high-quality care through cutting-edge innovation.

IMPAKT is a software tool for use in General Practices that identifies patients at risk from early onset chronic kidney disease (CKD) and provides a range of support resources for their management. An evaluation of the project has estimated that it could bring savings of £1.3 million over four years.

IMPAKT was developed because identifying and managing CKD in its early stages reduces the risk of patients having heart attacks and strokes. It is also believed that it will help save money in the long term, as treatment in the later stages is extremely high.

Results show that NICE indicators of excellent care for CKD, such as blood pressure control, were improved dramatically by use of the IMPAKT package.

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