Fire warning over ‘must have’ Christmas present

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Fire warning over 'must have' Christmas present

Parents in Northamptonshire are being urged to think twice about buying a hoverboard this Christmas.

The item`s tipped to be one of this year’s ‘Must Have’ gifts.

But, Trading Standards say there are reports that poor quality versions are a fire hazard with the battery pack or charger overheating and having no safety cut-off function.

Northamptonshire County Council’s Trading Standards is encouraging people who do want to fulfil their child s wish list to only buy these products from reputable retailers.

  • Only buy from reputable retailers
  • Read the instructions carefully before using the product
  • Make sure the instructions that come with the product are in English, and are clear and concise
  • Don t leave the hoverboard to charge overnight
  • If the battery pack or charger begins to feel hot or you see a spark or smoke, turn the power off and unplug the product

Consumers can report faulty goods or concerns about retailers to Trading Standards by calling Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06.

(Image: You Tube/Timothy Cade)

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