Council’s budget gap widens

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Council's budget gap widens

The scale of cuts facing Peterborough City Council has been revealed.

Figures show the budget gap will grow each year, over the next five years, to more than £166 million if no action is taken.

The council’s still to find where it can make savings of nearly £20 million next year.

Connect FM has been told that PCC needs to find £19.6m of savings and efficiencies to balance the budget in 2016/17.

If they took no action toward this, then further grant cuts would increase this gap to £40.3m by 2020/21 (adding all the savings up for each year from 2016/17 to 2020/21, it comes to £166m.)

The first roundof plans sets out how the council is proposing to address £12.1 million of this challenge for 2016/17, and includes no proposed reduction in services to residents.

The second, final, round of plans will look at addressing the remaining £7.51m of the £19.6m for 2016/17.

There will also be an impact on staffing.

The total number of affected posts is 12 but 4 are vacant.

Officials will also see how many want to take voluntary redundancy befor emaking a decision.

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