Pyros plea to football fans

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Pyros plea to football fans

After a number of incidents at recent games, Northamptonshire Police and Northampton Town FC are reminding all supporters about the dangers and penalties of smoke grenades, flares and fireworks  known as  pyros.

Nationally and locally, there is a growing trend of football supporters taking  pyros into football matches in the belief their use creates a more exciting atmosphere and a  buzz around the ground.

In reality, they pose a danger to everyone in the stadium and it is a criminal offence to enter or attempt to enter a stadium while in possession of fireworks, smoke grenades or other  pyro and to set them off in a public place.

Officers are hoping to make supporters more aware of the potential dangers and the criminal consequences of using  pyros and ultimately stop people bringing them into the stadium.

Supporters are asked to help themselves and the club avoid trouble, by not bringing such items into Sixfields or other football grounds.

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