Family debt levels soar

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Family debt levels soar

The average family household in Northamptonshire and across the East Midlands now owes more than £6,000 pounds.

In Peterborough and across the East of England it’s almost £19,000.

That’s the hghest outside London.

Nationally, the figure is over £13,500 and up 42% in six months.

That excludes mortgages.

It’s the highest level of debt seen for two and a half years.

Below is the average total of non-mortgage debts held by families in each region according to insurance firm Aviva (Excludes Northern Ireland.)

Scotland, £8,190

North East, £4,460

North West, £6,990

Yorkshire and the Humber, £7,110

East Midlands, £6,030

West Midlands, £8,990

Wales, £4,060

East of England, £18,930

London, £40,810

South East, £10,550

South West, £6,830

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