£32.5m Lotto jackpot couple named

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£32.5m Lotto jackpot couple named

A couple from Peterborough who’ve won the second biggest prize in Lotto’s history have been named.

Gerry and Lisa Cannings say they bought five lucky dips on the spur of the moment while out buying fish and chips on a visit to relatives near Slough.

They went to bed without knowing they’d won £32 million, because they couldn’t find the result on Teletext.

They only discovered they’d won the next day.

Gerry said: “Sunday morning came and I decided to check the internet. I started looking down the lines I had and then saw that the first line was the same as the one on the screen. Next I saw there was only one winner and then it hit me; ‘Bloody hell we’ve got the whole lot!’ I double checked it, reading it forwards and backwards.”

However, the pair amazingly didn’t arrange to get the ticket validated for nearly a week!

Lisa explains; “I know it sounds mad but we had a guy in to paint the whole house. We’d been planning it for ages and had packed everything into boxes. We just thought it would be easier to wait, although it did mean that Gerry had to carry round the winning ticket in his wallet all week! It was very nerve-wracking!”

The couple’s win places them second in the Lotto rich list, just behind last month’s biggest ever Lotto winners, David and Carol Martin, and one other anonymous ticket holder, who both scooped a £33,035,323 jackpot prize each in the draw on 9 January.

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