Businesswoman jailed for stealing

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Businesswoman jailed for stealing

A Peterborough businesswoman, banned from being a company director, has been jailed after she stole more than £158,000 from her employees’ tax and National Insurance contributions.

54 year old Valerie Windsor pocketed a further £141,500 in unpaid VAT.

Windsor – who pleaded guilty – used the names of other people she knew on company records in an attempt to get around the directorship ban, but was caught out after HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) checked the records.

HMRC officers found that Windsor, through the Peterborough-based company, Object Laboratories International Limited, had deducted Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and NIC from her employees wages but failed to pay it to HMRC.

When officers contacted Windsor to check the records in June 2013, she initially lied, claiming that the company was not yet trading.

However, after officers made further enquiries, they discovered the company had been trading since 2008 and had four employees.

She was also disqualified from acting as a company director for ten years.

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