Couple come up with idea for parents of babies in neo-natal unit

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Couple come up with idea for parents of babies in neo-natal unit

A Wellingborough couple have developed a new idea that supports parents and babies who use the Neonatal Unit at Kettering General Hospital.

Peter and Jade Webb, along with friends and supporters from the Everyday Champions Church in Wellingborough, have developed an initiative that provides all new parents who use the Special Care Baby Unit at the hospital with a care package. They call these care packages ‘Grace Boxes’ (associated with a friend of their family who had a stillbirth)

The Grace Box contains a variety of useful items for parents including child friendly books, a journal to note down memories, a picture frame for early photos, a comforter and handmade quilt, and lip balm and moisturising products.

The first boxes were given to the hospital in August and more than 50 have so far been donated by the Webbs and their Church.

Peter said: “We came up with the idea because a friend ours had a stillbirth a couple of years ago and received a similar kind of supportive box.

“We thought it would be great to do this for the SCBU because we know the parents are often going through a worrying time when they are there. The neonatal boxes show that people in the community do care about what they are going through and are doing something to support them.

“We would like to thank everyone from the Everyday Champions Church who have really supported us fantastically and have enabled us to turn our idea into a reality.

“We also want to thank the Chapter House Quilters – and all the other individuals – who have put so much effort into helping us fill the packages, including those who have knitted premature baby clothes.”

Lead Matron for the Neonatal Unit, Janet Ford, said: “We want to thank the Webbs and everyone at the Everyday Champions Church for supporting our parents in such a kind and thoughtful way.

“It really does demonstrate to parents that people appreciate what they are going through and have done something to support them.”


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