Plea to horse owners after floods

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Plea to horse owners after floods

Horse owners in Northamptonshire are being urged to make sure their animals are safe after the recent heavy rain.

The RSPCA, police and fire service advice is to move them to drier ground – without taking unnecessary risks.

Many areas are still feeling the effects of floooding as a result of Wednesday’s downpour.

The county’s emergency services were called to a string of incidents following the heavy rain.

Many were from people who became stuck in flood water after attempting to drive through it.

There were also reports of livestock and horses becoming trapped in flooded fields.

Fire and police officers were called to a school in Corby which had to be evacuated as well as a number of houses in Yelvertoft.

See Northamptonshire County Council’s Flood Toolkit HERE

For information about flood warnings, visit the Environment Agency website HERE

Click HERE for flood warning information

Advice to motorists:

  • Don’t enter standing water when driving, take an alternative route
  • There could be hidden dangers like sharp objects and raised manhole covers in flood water
  • Slow down – don’t drive too fast when there is surface water on roads
  • Extend your braking distance when the roads are wet
  • Test your brakes as soon as you have driven through surface water

(Photos James McPherson on Facebook)


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