Clampdown on lawbreaking drivers

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Clampdown on lawbreaking drivers

Twenty vehicles were recovered as part of an operation to tackle people using the roads illegally in Wellingborough last Saturday.

The Safer Roads Team joined up with Special Constables to tackle those people committing offences while driving in the town.

More than 30 offences were identified during the day, from driving while not wearing a seatbelt to driving without insurance or an MOT.

PC Dave Lee from the Safer Roads Team, said: “Everyone who drives has a responsibility to follow the law while they are behind the wheel and this operation shows that people are flouting those laws.

“When you are driving it is not just your life you are putting at risk but those of your passengers and other road users and pedestrians.

“During our day of action eight drivers were driving without road tax and six were driving without a seatbelt.

“Twenty vehicles were removed from the roads during the day for various offences and one man was arrested and charged with drink driving.

“We will continue to challenge those people who break the law while driving on our roads and take appropriate action when necessary, including the seizure of vehicles, issuing fines and making arrests.”

More than 30 offences were identified throughout the day:

6 x people not wearing a seatbelt
1 x driver using their mobile phone
4 x expired MOT
5 x drivers were driving without insurance
1 x driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence
1 x vehicle defect rectification scheme notice issued for defective lights
1 x driver arrested for drink driving
8 x drivers were reported for not having road tax. These are vehicles that have either been declared SORN (Off Road) or are 61 days or more without road tax
5 x foreign registered vehicles. Drivers were dealt with for having their vehicle in the UK when it shouldn’t have been


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