The Hidden Gem!

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You couldn’t make it up!
A Vintage 1929 steam Locomotive that was believed scrapped decades ago has been discovered, hidden away in an East of England convent.

newstead 4

The locomotive named Newstead was presumed scrapped after finishing it’s life shunting trucks at the Wooley Colliery in South Yorkshire in the 1960s .  The truth turned out to be stranger than fiction. The loco had in fact been purchased by a secretive vintage vehicle enthusiast, who kept it in near perfect condition, tucked it away in a purpose built shed in a convent’s grounds.

It’s the barn find of the century. Sister Margaret and co. have said goodbye to the engine, “Newstead”  –as it’s now up the A1 at the Nene Valley Railway

Along with guest Locomotive Wissington the engine will become the center-piece of the railway’s celebration of industrial engines .

newstead 3

This will be the first time the engine has been on a railway in almost ½ a century.

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