Take care in the sun

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Take care in the sun

As the days begin to hot up and become sunnier, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is urging everyone to stay protected and look after themselves and others during the warmer sunny weather.

Dr Gary Howsam, a local Cambridgeshire and Peterborough GP said: “Most of us enjoy the warm, sunny weather but it’s important to enjoy the sun safely and protect ourselves from the sun s harmful rays. Some of us forget that even on a cloudy day the sun s rays can be very powerful, so it s important that even when the sun is out, but the temperature isn t high, that people still take precautions in the sun.

 For some people, particularly those with heart, respiratory and other serious health problems the heat can be a particular problem. During hot weather it is important to look after yourself and others – particularly people, the very young or those who have a chronic or severe illness.

Top tips for staying protected and keeping cool

Enjoy the sun safely  the best option is to keep covered in the sun, but that s not always possible. Sunscreen should be applied to all exposed areas and should be at least SPF15 and should be reapplied regularly.
Stay out of the sun between the times of 11am and 3pm  these are the times that people are at most risk of getting burnt  it s best to stay in the shade if outside
Stay hydrated  drink plenty of water or other soft drinks during the day. Avoid excess alcohol, caffeine and hot drinks
Avoid extreme physical exertion
Wear light, loose fitting cotton clothes
Keep windows that are exposed to the sun closed during the day, and open them at night or later in the day when the temperature has dropped, bearing security in mind
Protect eyes with a wide-brimmed hat that shades the face, neck and ears or, if wearing sunglasses, choose a pair with wraparound lenses or wide arms with the CE Mark and European Standard EN 1836:2005

The CCG is also reminding residents to look after those, especially those who suffer with the heat. Elderly, ill or very young people might need extra help applying sunscreen and keeping themselves cool. It s also a good idea to check on elderly or sick neighbours, family or friends during warmer weather. Temperatures inside cars can get extremely high on hot days, so do not leave babies, children or elderly people are left alone in stationary care. Call NHS 111 or a doctor if someone is unwell or further help is needed.

General summer health advice can be found at http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/travelhealth/Pages/SunsafetyQA.aspx


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