Outgoing PCC`s say their goodbyes

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Outgoing PCC`s say their goodbyes

Today is the last day for Adam Simmonds as Northamptonshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

He’s tweeted details of his achievements – including putting nearly 800 more officers on the streets and merging with the fire service

Stephen Mold takes over at Midnight after being voted in last Thursday.

Meanwhile Peterborough and Cambridgeshire`s outgoing Crime Commissioner`s thanking everyone for their support during his four years in the job.

It`s Sir Graham Bright`s last day in the role before he hands over to fellow Conservative Jason Ablewhite tomorrow.

Sir Graham has issued the following statement:

As I enter my final week as Cambridgeshire s first Police and Crime Commissioner, I want to take this
opportunity to thank you for your continued support over the last three and a half years and to share
with you some of the highlights from my point of view.
First of all, I must state that it has been a privilege to serve in this role. This has been one of the most
satisfying jobs I have ever done and also one of the most demanding, with high levels of scrutiny of
nearly every action and every decision.
One of the great things about the role is the ability to make decisions and take action.
Key to this is engaging with local communities, listening to the issues that matter so that they are better addressed
by local policing. Working with the two Chief Constables (Simon Parr and Alec Wood), I have been able
to implement schemes which have directly improved policing. Highlights for me include – setting up the
county s first Victims Hub, (with over 10,000 victims referred since 2014 and over 6000 people directly
supported); supporting young people through my Youth Fund, (£55,000 in grants helping 1883 people);
creating a Volunteer Police Cadet Scheme with 5 units now established; and supporting people
experiencing mental health crisis through the Mental Health Concordat.
The role has also brought its challenges, particularly in terms of funding, however the process forced us
to look carefully at the business and how it can be run better. As a result and through careful financial
management over the four- year period, we have been able to save £16 million without reducing
frontline officer numbers. Collaboration with Bedfordshire Police and Hertfordshire Constabulary
continues to make good progress enabling each of the three forces to gain strength from each other and
benefit from the savings collaboration brings.
And what I am most proud of? The ability to bring people together to stimulate new ways of working:
from bringing employers and ex offenders together at HMP Peterborough to create new employment
scheme s, to hosting the county s first Cybercrime conference, I have thoroughly enjoyed the role.
Last week, Jason Ablewhite was elected as the new Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire.
I wish him all the very best and hope to see Cambridgeshire Constabulary continue to lead the way to
more effective, responsive and efficient policing


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