Union condemns criticism of education standards

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Union condemns criticism of education standards

A major teaching union has come out against heavy criticisim of education standards in Northamptonshire.

On Tuesday, the national and East Midlands regional heads of OfSted branded standards as second class.

But, the NASUWT says what schools and local authorities need is support to help them drive up standards.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, says: “No one is complacent about standards of education, least of all teachers; however merely heaping opprobrium on schools across the region is not the best way to ensure standards improve.

“Evidence from other parts of the country shows that what helps schools to improve is opportunities to collaborate with one another, with teachers and school leaders able to share ideas and experiences, along with active and involved local authorities who are able to support those schools to drive up standards.

”Schools and local authorities across the East Midlands must be given the support to achieve this if standards of education are to be improved. Thought as to how to organise education in the East Midlands in order to make this happen is also needed.”

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