Fresh warning over scam calls

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Fresh warning over scam calls

Northamptonshire Police are issuing a fresh warning about scam phone calls.

Worried householders have contacted the force County Council Trading Standards to report having had a suspicious phone call or message from someone claiming to be from Her Majesty s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), telling them they have an outstanding tax bill.

The callers state that the recipient must not ignore the phone call and should call back, threatening legal action or police involvement if they don’t. The fraudsters then claim the recipient owes money for unpaid taxes, sometimes saying they will visit the resident s home, arrest them or take other items in payment.

The advice, if you get a call like this, is to hang up immediately and either use an alternative phone to call the police or ask a neighbour or relative for help.

HMRC provides useful advice about phishing emails and bogus contact and genuine HMRC contact and recognising phishing emails on their website. They also advise that if any details are inadvertently disclosed, HMRC should be contacted immediately at

More advice and details about how to report suspected scam calls can be found on the Action Fraud website at

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