Roads closed due to flooding

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Roads closed due to flooding

Motorists are being advised to not use a number of roads which have flooded.

The following roads are currently inaccessible due to flooding:
Cottingham Road, Corby by Tesco
Gainsborough Road
Oakley Road
Rockingham Road
Blake Road
Flooding along Kings Cliffe to Blatherwycke and the A43 Corby bypass between Stanion and Barford Bridge.

Advice to motorists:

Don’t enter standing water when driving, take an alternative route
There could be hidden dangers like sharp objects and raised manhole covers in flood water
Slow down – don’t drive too fast when there is surface water on roads
Extend your braking distance when the roads are wet
Test your brakes as soon as you have driven through surface water

For information about flood, visit the Environment Agency website at

Police are aware of flooding and are advising motorists to avoid calling unless it is necessary.


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