Flash floods and more rain on the way

Connect FM
Flash floods and more rain on the way

The clean-up’s continuing after flash flooding in parts of Northamptonshire.

Corby was one of the areas worst hit with motorists advised to avoid a number of roads that had become impassable.

With more heavy rain forecast, communities across the Connect FM area are being warned to prepare for the risk of more flash floods.

The Local Government Association, which represents councils, has started an awareness campaign, highlighting the dangers.

It says householders and business owners should know how to turn off gas and electricity and have a plan to move essential items upstairs quickly.

Meanwhile, police have issued advice to motorists:

  • Don’t enter standing water when driving, take an alternative route
  • There could be hidden dangers like sharp objects and raised manhole covers in flood water
  • Slow down  don’t drive too fast when there is surface water on roads
  • Extend your braking distance when the roads are wet
  • Test your brakes as soon as you have driven through surface water

For information about flooding, visit the Environment Agency website www.environment-agency.gov.uk

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