Reminder about smoke detectors

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Reminder about smoke detectors

People are being reminded about the importance of installing smoke detectors at home, following on from two recent incidents in which emergency services were called after fire alarms were triggered.

Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service (NFRS) would like to urge people to make sure smoke alarms are fitted and checked once a month. Only working detectors save lives.

This reminder follows two recent flat fires in Northampton (June 17 and 24). In both cases the cause was unattended cooking and NFRS was made aware when neighbours heard the smoke alarms going off. In the most recent fire, alcohol was also believed to have been a factor.

NFRS would like to use this opportunity to send out some life saving fire safety advice, to prompt other householders to install smoke alarms and to take basic steps to safeguard themselves and their families.

Laura Jones, Prevention Manager within the joint Prevention and Community Protection Department (Northamptonshire Police and NFRS), said:  These recent fires are just the latest cases that prove how important having a working smoke alarm in your property actually is.

 Had these homes not been protected in this way, the outcome could have been significantly worse, with fires going undetected for a lot longer.

 We want to get the message out to the public that each floor in their home should be equipped with a smoke alarm, they should be tested every month, and each family member should know their escape plan in case of fire.

Ten top tips to keep you and your family safe from fire

1) Test your alarm by pressing the button once a month. Press the button until the alarm sounds. If it doesn t sound, you need to replace the battery.

2) Change the batteries once a year if your alarm has removable batteries.

3) Clean your alarm s casing twice a year to ensure dust isn t blocking the sensor.

4) Whatever happens, never remove the batteries in your smoke alarm unless you are replacing them.

5) Make sure that everyone in your home knows what to do in a fire and knows your escape route.

6) If your smoke alarm starts to beep on a regular basis, you need to replace the battery immediately.

7) The ideal position for alarms is on the ceiling in the middle of a room or on the hallways and landing so you can hear the alarm throughout your home.

8) Never leave cooking unattended.

9) Do not drink alcohol while cooking.

10) Look out for people you know who are elderly or vulnerable. Offer to test their smoke alarms for them and make sure they are fire safe.


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