Figures released on at risk children

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Figures released on at risk children

Figures show there are 23 young people at risk of sexual exploitation in Peterborough.

22 are female and one is male.

Most are aged between 13 and 17.

Figures presented to the city co0uncil show, of the 23 cases flagged as at risk of CSE 6 (26%) were young people who were looked after and 1 case is currently in proceedings.

Last year there were 466 missing episodes reported involving 286 individual young people.

Of these 286 individuals 34 had 3 or more missing episodes. There were 155 young people open to Childrens Services at the time they went missing and 75 (48%) young people were Children in Care.

This year starting April 2016 there have been 156 missing episodes reported involving 116 individual young people. This is an increase to previous year and may in part be to do with improved recording and monitoring within Childrens Services Integrated Children s System better reporting by parents and carers, the impact of the removal of the absent category and the impact of a more effective response through completion of Return Interviews which has raised the need to report profile.

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