Police say very few crimes at Moto GP weekend

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Police say very few crimes at Moto GP weekend

A smooth and well organised policing operation supported by dedicated officers and staff saw only nine crimes reported during four days of motor sport with tens of thousands of spectators attending this year’s Moto GP.

With one of the lowest levels of crime, only nine offences reported, Moto GP has successfully completed with no major problems.

The offences related to four thefts from people, two thefts of bikes, one theft of a car and two violence offences.

Three people were arrested on suspicion of affray. One person was released with no further actions and two others were released on bail.

Officers from the East Midlands Operational Support Services assisted the Moto GP operation by running Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) on the roads during Silverstone.

16 vehicles were stopped for no MOT, six for no insurance, 45 number plate violations, four mobile phone use offences and three speeding and two seatbelt offences.

Superintendent Chris Hillery, event commander, said: “This was a successful policing operation helped by effective pre-event planning and work with partners that took place.

“I’m pleased that we saw low levels of crime and the significant majority of the spectators were good natured and had a good experience with no major incidents taking place.

“Policing a prestigious event like this with tens of thousands of people attending is a significant operation, but our officers were professional, confident and were able to meet the demands of the event.”


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