Burglar jailed

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Burglar jailed

A man from Peterborough who stole vehicles and valuables from a property in Folksworth has been jailed for two and a half years.

Paul Wright, 20, entered the property in Castel Way on the evening of September 19/20 2015 and stole a handbag and car keys.

The car keys were then used to take two vehicles from the driveway which were then driven around Peterborough for a number of hours before being returned. A laptop and fuel was also stolen from both vehicles. Forensic evidence linked Wright to one of the vehicles.

Wright, of Lessingham, pleaded not guilty to dwelling burglary, aggravated taking without consent, taking without consent and two counts of theft. Yesterday (September 28), following a two day trial at Huntingdon Crown Court he was found guilty of all charges.

He was given the following sentences to run concurrently:
o Dwelling burglary – two years six months
o Aggravated taking without consent – nine months
o Taking without consent – four months
o Two counts of theft – six months – (three months for each count).

He was also disqualified from driving for two years.
Detective Constable Ben Devonshire said: “This case should serve as a warning that burglary will not be tolerated and offenders face a stretch behind bars.”
The force is prioritising burglary as part of Operation Hunter, which aims to put offenders before the courts while urging residents to take home security seriously.


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