Serial burglar jailed for six years

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Serial burglar jailed for six years

A man has been sentenced to six years in prison after he admitted to committing 101 burglaries in Northamptonshire over a two month period this summer.

Brian Plumb, 41, committed the offences between June and August this year at properties in Northampton, Wellingborough and Kettering.

He was arrested while committing an offence at a house in Wellingborough on 30 August.

Detective Inspector Helen Knight, from CID, said: “Brian Plumb is a career criminal who vowed to commit an offence for every day that he had served in a previous prison sentence and it’s clear he was serious about that vow. He has expressed remorse for his actions and sympathy for his victims. Unfortunately, none of the stolen property has been recovered.

“Sentencing him Judge Lucking QC stated she had never seen such an extensive list of admitted offences by an individual, she also praised the work of the officers who worked on the case, as well as the actions of members of the public who helped to capture Plumb.”

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