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“We’ve been in too many of these!”

That’s a line that’s used to great effect in Any Given Sunday, one of the all-time great sports films, but it’s also something that is equally applicable to a whole host of Saints games over the past few years.
Last Saturday’s win over Montpellier is just one example. We’d had a shot at goal with a couple of minutes to play, but when the kick went wide we thought that the chance had gone.
But Nic White’s clearance kick was a poor one, and when we ran it back and won another penalty up stepped Stephen Myler to win the game.
Rugby is not like football in this regard. In football you’re always subject to a bit of discretion from the referee. But in rugby we have countdown clocks so you know precisely how much time is left to go.
When Stephen was lining the kick up he would have been able to see that there were 15 seconds left, and that if he missed that would have been that.
So it’s fair play not to just him, but to any kicker who’s put in that position at any point in their career, for having the ability to keep their nerve when the pressure is on.

Chris Wearmouth
Director of Communications
Northampton Saints

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