Crackdown on lawbreaking drivers

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Crackdown on lawbreaking drivers

More than 80 traffic offences were dealt with by police officers during a two-day focus on motorists who break the ‘Fatal Four’ driving laws.

The operation, which was led by officers and Specials from the joint Safer Roads Team (Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service), resulted in a total of 84 offences being dealt with and 54 illegal vehicles taken off the roads.

The ‘Fatal Four’ driving laws relate to use of mobile phones when driving, drink or drug driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, and speeding. The operation also led to other offences being uncovered.

Offences during the two days of focused activity included:

-Seven drivers reported for using their mobile phone at the wheel

-13 drivers reported for seatbelt offences

-24 vehicles seized for not having insurance

-27 vehicles seized for tax offences

-Four drivers reported for not having an MOT on their vehicles

-Three stolen vehicles recovered

Cases included one driver who was caught texting while driving and who continued to do so while being pulled over. The motorist was also found to have been driving with no insurance.

Another driver was stopped for talking on his mobile phone and was also found to have been using his works van while disqualified from driving.

Specials inspector Anthony Rawson said: “Committing any of the ‘Fatal Four’ offences is unacceptable.

“Preventing injury or harm to members of the public is a vital part of our work, which is why it is so important for us to target drivers who commit these offences. At the very least, the consequences can be a fine, points or even a driving ban. At the very worst, this kind of driving behaviour can result in your death or the death of another driver or passenger. Our message to the public is: please do not take the risk.”

This operation, which was carried out in locations across Northamptonshire, was staffed predominantly by Special Constables from the Safer Roads Team who volunteer their time to make the county’s roads safer and protect people from harm.


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