Little Stanion to get its own Parish Council?

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Little Stanion to get its own Parish Council?

Corby Borough Council is undertaking a Community Governance Review to consider whether Little Stanion should have its own parish council.

Currently Little Stanion is part of Stanion Parish and Corby Borough Council has received a petition from Little Stanion residents requesting that the Council consider splitting the existing parish and allow Little Stanion to have its own parish council.

A statutory process will now be followed, which will eventually lead to Corby Borough Council making a decision on the matter. Residents in both Little Stanion and Stanion are invited to submit their views. Corby Borough Council will be issuing an initial consultation booklet to all households in Little Stanion and Stanion.

The deadline for written submissions to this initial consultation is Friday 13th January 2017.

Documents relating to the Community Governance Review can be viewed on the Corby Borough Council website using the following link,


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