Police turn to poetry

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Police turn to poetry

Members of Northamptonshire Police’s control room have recorded a special Christmas poem.

Written by head of crime Elliot Foskett, it aims to highlight the work done by staff during the festive period.

Supt Foskett said: “I wrote this as a little tribute to control room staff everywhere.

“Everyone wants to be with their friends and loved ones at this time of the year, but everyone also wants to know that their loved ones are safe and secure.

“Emergency contact centres are there all day, every day come what may.

“They’re the first person you will speak to about your crisis, the first voice you will hear when you so desperately need help.

“They do a wonderful job all year round and will raise a glass to them and everyone else who keeps us safe this Christmas.”

Head of Force Control Room Dennis Murray, is one of the 17 members of staff in the video.

He said: “As we reach the festive period, we look back on a year of hurdles and achievements that officers and staff have overcome to keep people safe from harm.

“However, for many of our police family, this work continues throughout the festive period.

“This poem captures the sentiment and respect we have for all of those working over the Christmas break.

“I want to thank all the staff involved and especially Alison Morris for helping to organise it.”


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