Police officer sacked following misconduct hearing

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Police officer sacked following misconduct hearing

A Northamptonshire Police officer has been dismissed following a fast track misconduct hearing at which she admitted gross misconduct in relation to failing to pay for a train ticket and then deliberately lying to avoid paying the fare.

At the hearing, chaired by Chief Constable Simon Edens, Frances Tilley, who has been with the force for less than two years, admitted an allegation she had failed to make any attempt to buy a valid train ticket between Bristol Temple Meads and Castle Cary on June 22 2016.

She further admitted she had been deliberately misleading and or dishonest about the matter when challenged by the ticket inspector and had failed to inform the Professional Standards Department of the fact that she was being investigated for a criminal offence in relation to this.

The hearing was told the allegations were a breach of the Police Code of Conduct, specifically, honesty and integrity and discreditable conduct.

Ms Tilley gave a tearful address to the chair before he adjourned to consider the outcome. She said: “I can only apologise that I’m in this position. I have worked years through my university degree to get into the force. I am distraught at the position I am in today. If I could change anything I would.”

Dismissing the police constable from the Force, Chief Constable Simon Edens, said: “I have taken into account your service history and mitigation. You are a diligent police officer, showing great resilience and capability. Officers talk about your empathy and caring nature towards victims.

“It is simply unacceptable that a police officer cannot be trusted and that we cannot be relied upon to tell the truth. Police officers who cannot be trusted, cannot fulfil the core responsibilities of a police officer.

“In your own words, you have destroyed your career. You are dismissed from the service.”

Detective Superintendent Mark Behan from the Professional Standards Department, said:  “We carried out an internal investigation as soon as this matter came to our attention. The trust and confidence of the public of Northamptonshire is  at the heart of our policing. Northamptonshire Police is committed to delivering the highest standards of policing by upholding the standards of professional behaviour and the honesty and integrity of our officers and staff is key to maintaining public trust.”


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