Hashtag introduced to encourage more people to visit Corby

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Hashtag introduced to encourage more people to visit Corby

Corby’s number one Visitors Forum, Love Corby will be introducing #CorbyHour today and is inviting everyone to get join in!

Love Corby was created as a partnership project between Corby Borough Council and the Private Sector. The Partnership was established to create a greater awareness of the businesses in Corby for both residents and visitors to the town – in essence, it’s all about Corby!

The Forum, which is made up of a committed group of people from a range of business in Corby, give their time and expertise pro bono.  They meet fornightly to manage the project which is not-for-profit; all funds received are reinvested.

Over the two years that Love Corby has been up and running, those heavily involved have targeted different audiences in as many ways as possible, including the power of Social Media. Now, the forum is inviting Twitter users to join in their #CorbyHour event, every Thursday from 4-5pm starting today.

The idea of #CorbyHour is to create a community under the Love Corby umbrella where people can come together and ask questions for others to answer.  You may think of it as a pop-up forum, where people can ask ‘Does anyone know what that restaurant was called next to the cinema in town?” or “I need a gardener, can someone recommend one please?…#corbyhour”.

The launch of #CorbyHour will take place at the Best Western Rockingham Forest Hotel from 3.30pm. Anyone interested can participate in #corbyhour either by joining us at the Best Western Rockingham Forest Hotel to gather more information or you can join in from the comfort of your own home simply by logging onto to Twitter and following @LoveCorby.

How do I join in?  Every Thursday from 4pm-5pm add #corbyhour to the end of your tweets to engage in conversation with fellow local businesses, charities and individuals! To view the #corbyhour tweets type #corbyhour into the search bar and click ‘all’

We are offering a 30 minute introduction to twitter basics for those in attendance on Thursday 12th starting at 3.30pm.

Chair of Love Corby, Andrew Norman said, “Corby has so much to offer by way of shopping and places to eat.  The better the prolife we can give the town the greater the number of visitors which it just what is needed for the towns excellent businesses both large and small”.


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