Maternity team best in the region for newborn hearing screening

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Maternity team best in the region for newborn hearing screening

The Newborn Hearing Screening Team at Peterborough City Hospital have been recognised as the top scoring team in the region for ensuring newborn babies receive their hearing test by four weeks of age.

Out of 115 sites in the UK, the team at Peterborough City Hospital were placed first in the region and joint second in the country for the performance, by screening 99.8% of the 5000 babies born at the hospital, which is around 400 babies a month.

The screening process was first introduced 14 years ago and involves putting a small hearing device, with a microphone, into a baby’s ear. A quiet clicking sound, which is not painful, is sent into the ear, which then tests the hair cells in the cochlea.

By screening babies within the first 4 weeks of birth, the Hearing Team can then check which babies are more at risk of hearing loss, which is around 1 to 2 in every 1,000, and be provided with diagnostic testing and additional support as required.

Liz Whitwood, Newborn Hearing Screening Programme Local Manager at Peterborough City Hospital, said: “Our team work really hard to ensure that every baby born at the hospital receives the hearing test at the earliest opportunity. We work closely with families to provide a 7-day family friendly service for everyone, which ensures that we can help the small number of children that are born with hearing impairment each year.”


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