Police officer sacked for gross misconduct

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 Police officer sacked for gross misconduct

A Northamptonshire Police officer has been dismissed following a fast track hearing in which he was found guilty of gross misconduct.

Police Sergeant Ian Caffel was the subject of the hearing which followed a misconduct investigation after he had breached the standards of professional behaviour, specifically relating to authority, respect and courtesy and discreditable conduct.

Caffel, who has been with the force for nearly seven years, did not attend the hearing, which was chaired by Chief Constable Simon Edens. No mitigation was presented.

The panel heard that between 15 March 2010 and 2 August 2016, Caffel breached standards of professional behaviour in respect of his dealings with seven female colleagues.

During this time, Caffel had allegedly made sexual comments and/ or approaches to each of the complainants and had had a sexual relationship with a vulnerable colleague over whom he had supervisory control.

The panel was also told he had received management advice from Bedfordshire Police following an investigation into his conduct with younger female colleagues at that force.

Presenting his findings, Chief Constable Simon Edens said: “I have carefully taken into consideration the evidence provided by officers and staff which is clear and compelling and illustrates a pattern of behaviour in which Caffel has blatantly abused his position.

“I have no hesitation in concluding that the allegations against Caffell are true. It is indisputable that he has failed in his duty to maintain the standards expected of him and that he has failed to modify his behaviour following a previous investigation by Bedfordshire Police.

“Caffel has breached standards of professional behaviour in relation to the strands of authority, respect and courtesy. His conduct falls way below the standards I expect from my officers and I find all eight allegations to be proven.

“He has behaved in a manner that has discredited the police force and I have no hesitation in concluding that Mr Caffel is guilty of gross misconduct. He has persistently and consistently used his position to exploit colleagues.

“There is no place for anybody at Northamptonshire Police who behaves in this way. My standards are clear and I am here to maintain them.

“Sergeant Ian Caffel is dismissed from the force without notice and I will have his name is added to the College of Policing’s register of barred individuals ensuring he will never be permitted to return to policing.”

Detective Superintendent Mark Behan from the Professional Standards Department said: “People rightly expect the highest standards of police officers. Anybody who abuses their powers and who undermines their profession will be thoroughly investigated and held to account.

“Northamptonshire Police are resolute in their commitment to identify ?perpetrators of sexual misconduct no matter who they are and to keeping people both in our community and in our organisation safe from harm.

“Mr Caffel was held to account by his own employers, demonstrating our commitment to upholding the standards of professional behaviour and the honesty and integrity of our officers and staff.”


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